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We are building multidisciplinary research teams that connect basic knowledge in biomolecular sciences to benefits for individual health and well-being. We are engaging undergraduate and graduate students in biomolecular research that strives for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Make a Difference — Invest in the Future

There is a critical and growing need to find drugs that will treat disease and resistant infections against which current drug therapies or antibiotics no longer work. Your support will help us to find successful prevention strategies and remedies for cancer, neurological disorders, and infectious diseases. These new drugs and therapies will make treatment less random, limit toxicity and undesirable side effects, and make it possible to prevent disease and improve treatment.

Immediate Needs


Your investment will go to support student research in areas targeting drug discovery and novel therapies, such as those for antibiotic resistant superbugs, neurological disorders, and infectious diseases such as Zika, ebola and tuberculosis.

  • $5000 supports two undergraduate Biomolecular Sciences student scholarships per year
  • $25K supports one graduate Ph.D. research student for one year
  • $100K provides a stipend of $25K/year for one graduate Ph.D. student for 4 years 


Your contributions will assist us with our research efforts, including the expansion of innovative treatments for cancer, including prostate and glioblastoma, and disorders like Parkinson's or Huntington’s, as well as the creation of new biomolecular patents from inventions.

  • $12K funds one GPU machine for computational simulation needed for drug discovery
  • $150K provides salary plus fringe of $75K/year for two years for a ‘Rising Star’ faculty member
  • $2M to grow a “Future Star” endowment for one super-promising postdoctoral research fellow
  • $6M for an Endowed Professorship for a distinguished BSI faculty member


BSI faculty are national leaders in research, including studies to control illnesses spread by mosquitos - an area of particular interest given our location. Your assistance will increase our ability to continue these and other much-needed studies for real-world impact on the well-being and health of our community.

  • $15M to name the entire Biomolecular Sciences Institute
  • $30M is needed to build (and name) a BSI facility that incorporates the entire program, including research and computer labs, as well as office space (for faculty, graduate students and staff)

Ways to Give

There are many ways to support the amazing work that we do.

In Person

Reach out and learn more about how you can help us build the future. Call 305-348-4349 or contact our Advancement Team.

By Mail

Send your check or money order made payable to the FIU Foundation, Inc to:
Florida International University
11200 SW 8th St, CASE 450
Miami, FL 33199


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