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Biomolecular Sciences Institute

The institute is a multidisciplinary consortium of FIU researchers and educators in science, engineering, medicine and public health, in partnership with community providers coming together to seek innovative solutions for improving individual health and wellness. BSI supports educational success through research, teaching and mentorship for undergraduate and doctoral students, as well as for postdoctoral fellows.

Worlds Ahead Researcher

Dr. Wenjie Wang has been recognized as an FIU Worlds Ahead graduate for her work studying brain cancer through BSI. Dr. Wang found a biomarker in glioblastoma cell lines that might one day be used to help assess and treat the disease.


Translational Molecular Discoveries

The Translational Molecular Discoveries program, an FIU Emerging Preeminent Program, unites faculty researchers across disciplines to make advances against cancer, drug-resistant superbugs, mosquito-borne diseases and more.



We host and participate in scholarly events offering insights into a variety of research topics.